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s p a m a l i c i o u s _ to boot.

flamboyantly innocent
14 October
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Life is just a pop of the cherry. When you're a boy.

I shall spam you


Farmhands aren't welcome.


Religion is cool. And if you have a religion, god for you.


Shitcan.com is spamalicious. Curious?
70s high-waisted jeans, androgyny, andy warhol, anne sexton, annie hall, aristaphiles, armani exchange, art deco, baby blankets, baptism, barbies, basket case, beaded jewelry, bollywood, bombdiggitydogshit, brian molko, cher, cherries, closets, coca cola, combat boots, corsets, crickets, crossed legs, dame darcy, dancinging, david bowie, david sedaris, dead like me, diesel, dill sex, dogma, doll clothes, dolls, drama, dry marker, dyed hair, eddie izzard, ego, electric 6, environmentalism, everybody in love, feather boas, firelight, five star, flamboyantly innocent, flora, flower pins, fluffy towels, flute, forensic files, french bread, grape juice, grinding things, gsa, hermione granger in pigtails, highlighters, hippies, hula girls, hula hoops, in the computer, indian runner ducks, international male, ivy, jamaica, johnny depp, jude law, juice boxes, kissing friends, knaves, knights in shining armor, levitation, lisps, long hair, lots of bands, love, make-up, making fiends, making fun of susan, margaret cho, masks, mewing.net, mini backpacks, mock trial, monty python, moulin rouge, national geographic, nighttime, nipplicious, old photographs, origami, oscar wilde, paste, patsy cline, penguins, peru, petticoats, pink and black stripes, poetry club, poo day, pop culture, potter puppet pals, pretty things, queer duck, rainballs, rotary phones, rouge, satin bedsheets, sb/rl, schoolyards, scotch tape, seasons, sephora, seven jeans, singing, sledding, slut shoes, snow, snow angels, space bar, spain, spam, stargazing, straw hats, susan bordo, swimming, sylvia plath, tasteful nudity, teapots, the 70s, the breakfast club, the sims, tight-fitted tees, tori amos, toucans, trogdor, tyrannosaurus rex, valentine's day candy, velvet underground, versace, vh1, wallpaper, walt whitman, watercolors, wax museum, wet grass, wool, yellow, yuppies, yuri's ass


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