making fiends


Guess who's gonna be at food this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Y'all have to come visit me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'ma make grapefruit cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and it's unpaid.
making fiends

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I WOULD HAVE gotten my food letter around this time, last year...

I'm gonna have to get a job instead.

I saw GoF last night! My socks were blown afar.

happy ha-lodayz!

Funny how I keep forgetting my password. Not to worry, folks! This cousin's here to stay.

Well, I dutifully beta-read the first draft of Marianna's gay fan fiction. (Everyone else in the girlclaw grips of Fan!AngieFan, I feel your pain like ow.) This is like when she was obsessed with Emma Bunton. Just a different accent.

College is going to be sweet...
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making fiends

Not a Simple Process

You can expect mad posts on Tarik vs. College soon. Well, maybe not mad. Just a little excited maybe.

LJ Interests meme results

  1. bombdiggitydogshit:
    A sparkling turn of phrase learned at food so many years ago.
  2. diesel:
    It's the best brand for black.
  3. five star:
    No one has forgotten that campaign back in 2000! So funny!
  4. hula hoops:
    That's how you'll find me in the summer--I have three. I am very good.
  5. lots of bands:
    I've just recently gotten into lots of bands.
  6. old photographs:
    I've just recently gotten into old photographs, as you'll see from the pic I edited for photo.
  7. rainballs:
    Rainballs are balls!
  8. space bar:
    It makes me all goofy inside.
  9. toucans:
    Who doesn't love toucans? TIM AND GRETA LOVE TOUCANS, NERD!
  10. yuri's ass:
    I am quite enamored of Yuri's ass. That is all.

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