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I went to Henrietta's party last night, and it was hilarious fun. My brain is still hijacked by all the chocolate fish we ate. I loved watching her brother's stupid zombie movies, and then tapings of THE MUNSTERS, which I haven't seen since I was a little baby!!!!!! I didn't realize how funny it was. I am so adding it to my interests list. One day. There is no point to this entry. I have to go clean up and study for math. Goodnight, everyone. I hope you all had happy Halloween. I may vomit.
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making fiends

so that's been a while

Le sigh. I miss food, and all the funny games we played there--especially the ones with the dolphin magnets! And COSTUME DAY! It was FUN with a capital F, and all the other letters are capitalized too! I think it's a shame that it was my last year. They should give more years to people who show they deserve them. They should be won, with points or poo or a great demonstration of enthusiasm. And you know me, I'm always enthused! I miss Joe Berry. He was a laugh and a half. Hahaha doofy foodiness! And I miss all the grape juice. Water, ouch! I would riot with my socks any day. Keep the spirit alive, young wheelbarrows of legacy!!!

And remember kids, you're never too old for food.

But apparently I am.

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making fiends

testing this gadgot

My brother broke one of those Maurice games, where you take the magnet pen and move the metal shavings around to form his hair. There are shavings all over the carpet now. I'm afraid of inhaling them. This wouldn't have been a problem if I hadn't forgotten my dolphin magnet somewhere. I think I left it in my purse... blaaaaqwwwwwwwwwww

I am so so so tired. Sorry for being so simple-spoken (although that's not exactly uncharacteristic, now is it?). Haha, I'm apologizing to nobody. I think I'm gonna throw up. When am I going to start telling you all about my secrets? I thought that's what this livejournal was four. I'm gonna haunt all day and all...

I want to be tucked in.
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